Invitation from PetBiz Profits, Found Money For Pet Businesses
and Live Stream Media

Pet Business TV Channel Exclusive
For Only One Pet Business Type in Each US City or Town 

Your Own TV Channel? Yes! You can now be the only Vet Practice, Animal Hospital or Pet Store to have your own 24/7 dedicated TV Channel and Programs in your region.


Within weeks, you can have multiple Programs - with your own brand and content - appearing on the family room TV in front of approx 30,000,000 households - in the US alone.


Imagine the impact of being the only Vet Practice / Animal Hospital or Pet Store in town with your own TV Channel!

  • Transform your Reputation Overnight
  • Achieve immediate "Visible Expert" status
  • Boost your Traffic, Rankings and Bookings
  • Gain wider Authority Exposure, Credibility and Trust​
  • Fight Back Against the "Corporate Squeeze" 

"The Fastest, Simplest Way for a Person or Business to
Gain 'Visible Expert' Status is to Appear on the TV Set
in People's Family Rooms."


Trust is critical in today's business and professional world - and people trust Visible Experts.



The Power of An Extraordinary Three-Fold Opportunity Has Just Exploded Into View For Your Pet Business

Imagine being the Fast Mover pet business in town to grasp this moment, before it disappears!

Our intention is to partner with and comprehensively support only one TV Channel per Pet Business Type in a small number of US cities (approx 30). For example, we will work with only one Vet Practice / Animal Hospital and/or one Pet Store in each location. So one city - one Vet TV channel and/or one Pet Store TV Channel.


If you are the successful Vet Practice / Animal Hospital or Pet Store who secures the exclusive Pet Business TV Channel for your City or Town, you will also receive our Platinum Profit Booster Bonus Package - at no extra cost to you - if your location is amongst the first 10 cities who come on board.


We are approaching Pet Businesses in the 100 largest US Cities and we don't know who in which cities will put their hands up first.


This Platinum Profit Booster Bonus Package has a real world value of $60,000 $70,000:



          Bonus 1.     Amazon Fire TV Network Access (2 for 1)                                                                  $15,000

          Bonus 2.     First Option on Being Promoted on Second (City-Based) TV Channel (2 for 1)    $12,000

          Bonus 3.     TV Expert Authority Interview                                                                                         $  3,000

          Bonus 4.     Ultimate Authority Publishing Package                                                                        $10,000

          Bonus 5.     Additional TV "Super Ad"                                                                                                 $  2,000

          Bonus 6.     Proprietary "Brandsite" (Website) Funnel, Hosting and Traffic Package                 $10,000

          Bonus 7.     Five Star Reputation Package                                                                                        $  3,000

          Bonus 8.     Pet Business Inner Circle Membership (usually $197 pm)                                       $  5,000


          Bonus 9.    Pet Business Facebook Messenger Chat Bot and Messages                                  $  8,000

          Bonus 10.  Pet Business Appointment Reminder System                                                            $  2,000


          Bonus 11.  Platinum Support Package

                                                                                                            Total Bonus Package Value              $70,000


This Bonus Package has extremely limited availability and is for a fortunate few Fast Movers Only. See all the details below...



After you lock in your TV Channel below and before we do almost anything else, we'll conduct a separate 15 minute Cost Recovery review for your Pet Business. Our goal, which we'll pursue with energy and confidence, will be to look for "Found Money" in your Pet Business right now. Our aim is to secure significant cost savings for you at least equal to and usually much, much more than the amount of your investment for your TV Channel. In fact, our process can often recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings, recoveries and tax benefits for you. So in other words, we want to help you make a substantial profit on your TV Channel purchase quickly and easily, even before we finish building and broadcasting your TV Channel or delivering all the other complimentary services in your Platinum Profit Booster Bonus Package. 


Another reason for focusing on our proprietary "cost recovery" program first, is that each $100,000 of Savings is the equivalent of a guaranteed $1,000,000 in extra Revenue (at only a 10% profit margin). You'll find further information on our "Found Money For Pet Businesses" program, including case studies and benefit snapshot examples, at https://foundmoney.me  You can also click here to watch a short introductory video.



Now let's look at the details of each deliverable... 

Pet Business TV Channel
        - Exclusive -

For Only One Pet Business Type in Each US City or Town 


In conjunction with our media arm, Live Stream Media, PetBiz Profits will work with:

  • Only one Vet Practice / Animal Hospital


  • One Pet Store in each location.

Up until a few months ago, the obscure, complex programming needed to get onto the On Demand TV Platforms could typically cost over $100,000. 


Our software partner has recently created new proprietary software that now allows us to get your TV Channel on Roku (and Amazon Fire TV) for much less than that.

TV Channel ownership is now well within the reach of the

local Pet Business.

What We Deliver For You

  • TV Channel Development, Production and Set Up
    Over the next 2-4 weeks, we'll work with you to create your own dedicated 24/7 branded, fully customized TV Channel.

  • Minimal Involvement From You
    You simply supply the video content (although we can also help there - see below). We design, create and manage the TV channel for you.

  • Access To The Roku Network

    Pioneered by Roku, the market for On Demand TV is exploding. The number of households with a streaming player has quadrupled in the last five years, and Roku has been the market leader from the beginning.

  • Roku On The Way to a Billion Dollar Company

    Roku estimates that approx 1 in 5 US TV households now use the Roku platform to stream at least a portion of their TV viewing. Roku expects to reach $1 billion in revenue in 2019.

  • We Fund The Bandwidth Costs
    We’ll cover lifetime server bandwidth costs, which can be considerable as viewer numbers grow.

What You Receive

  • Low Cost of Entry

    You may be expecting this to cost $100,000 or more - and it still does for most other providers - but not with PetBiz Profits and Live Stream Media. Our City TV Channel Exclusive setup fee is only $15,000, plus $300 per Program / video, regardless of length.

  • Minimal Ongoing Costs

    That’s it. There are no other related ongoing TV Channel costs. 

  • Exclusive City Coverage
    We were seriously considering charging $30K - $50K for city-exclusivity but have decided to keep the price at $15K while still devoting all our resources and support to one Pet Business Type in each city.

  • Authority Positioning

    Apart from managing your TV Channel and Programs for you, we'll do everything else we can to enhance your "Visible Expert" status (see below).

Set Up Fees

TV Channel Development, Production and Initial Program Set Up and Broadcasting


          [Each subsequent Program Upload and Broadcast normally costs $500 but we'll do these for $300 each Program, including lifetime bandwidth costs, as part of this City Exclusive Offer.]

A small number of Pet Business TV Channel Owners will also receive the following, extremely valuable Bonus Package...


Platinum Profit Booster
Bonus Package (at no extra cost for first 10 cities)


Platinum Profit Booster Bonus #1

Amazon Fire TV Network Access

Your own dedicated 24/7 branded, fully customized TV Channel developed and implemented on Amazon Fire TV Network, potentially doubling total TV viewer reach.


Roku believes that all TV content will become available by On Demand streaming soon.  Roku and Amazon have been competing for market share since Amazon launched the Fire TV line in 2014. 


Amazon Fire TV has just caught up with Roku in the last few months and is also growing its viewers strongly.


You could soon have the best of both worlds (after the late March 2019 public launch of Amazon Fire TV on our software platform).

2 for 1


One Low Payment - TWO TV Networks

What We Deliver For You

  • No Extra Charge For Amazon Fire TV Access

    Each TV Channel Set Up will normally cost $15,000 per individual network, as they are different platforms with quite different requirements. We won't do that in this package.

  • No Extra Charge For TV Programs on Amazon Fire TV

    Similarly, each TV Program Upload and Broadcast will normally cost $500 per Program per network, as they are different platforms with different requirements.

  • One Set Up and Upload and Broadcast Fee Covers Both

    As an extra “City Exclusive” bonus, we won’t charge even the discounted fee of $300 a second time for the Amazon Fire TV Network. In this package, one Set Up fee of $15,000 and one Program Upload and Broadcast fee of $300 will cover both Roku and Amazon TV Fire Networks.

What You Receive

  • Unique Differentiating Factor
    You will already be the "Pet Business on TV", with market leader Roku and practically zero competition. With the addition of Amazon Fire TV, you will now double your potential viewers in a rapidly growing market.

  • Best of Both Worlds
    Each TV platform has their particular strengths and characteristics (eg Amazon's households have a slightly wealthier demographic) and we'll work with you to make the most of your expanded opportunity.

  • The Internet Changes Everything - Again
    On Demand Streaming TV is another good example of how the Internet can disrupt existing business models. In particular, it can allow smaller businesses to compete more strongly with larger, big box, corporate megastores.

[PLEASE NOTE:  As mentioned above, the Amazon Fire TV platform is a different environment with different rules and restrictions than Roku. There are some additional factors and costs we'll need to cover, while exercising our best endeavors to help you maximize your benefits from getting approved to being able to broadcast on this rapidly growing second network.]

Bonus #1

Amazon Fire TV Network Access   (after March 2019 launch)           


Platinum Profit Booster Bonus #2

First Option on Being Promoted on Second (City-Based) TV Channel

In our initial outreach and support and all we do, we focus on Pet Businesses mainly. However, we will accept referrals from our Pet Business clients to other types of businesses (eg Lawyers, Dentists or Chiropractors). We've even put a generous referral bonus in place for this purpose - see below right.


When we get to the point of setting up TV Channels for six or more unique businesses in six different industry niches in a particular city, our intention is to then create a new TV Channel for that city, fully at our own expense.


This will be an Interview-style TV Channel promoting businesses and other local news in that city.

2 for 1


One Low Payment - TWO TV Channels

[Subject to conditions mentioned here]

What We Deliver For You

  • First Option On Your Niche

    To be featured and promoted on this additional channel, you will not be asked to pay $15,000 or more again for both Roku and Amazon Fire TV Networks. We will simply give you first option for us to upload and broadcast your existing TV Programs and TV Ads to this city TV Channel - all at our own expense - but only for Pet Businesses with this Platinum Profit Booster Bonus Package.

  • One Niche Per City

    Our current intention is to have one business from each industry niche represented on each multi-niche city TV channel, so this is an exclusive opportunity.

  • Done For You Promotion

    We’ll fund and promote each city TV Channel strongly with press releases and other traffic methods, boosting your potential viewers, authority positioning and exposure, and leads.

What You Receive

  • Get More Mileage Out of Your Content

    We'll be able to repurpose our hard work together and give you another potential set of viewers and leads.

  • Rewarding Referral Bonus System

    We are establishing a TV Channel Referral Bonus system where each successful sign-up of a TV Channel client will earn the referring business a free TV Program Upload and Broadcast (value: $500 credit for each successful referral).


    We also intend to offer your referred business the same Bonus Package (if any) that you enjoy, so you can feel extremely generous in your referral.


    We hope this will help us get to setting up six or more different businesses in a city faster. We can then invoke this Bonus 8 and move to establish a multi-niche city-based TV Channel as soon as possible - fully at our expense - for the benefit of all parties involved.

Bonus #2

First Option on Being Promoted on Second (City-Based)
TV Channel​

$ 12,000

Platinum Profit Booster Bonus #3

TV Expert Authority Interview

Knowing how busy and challenging Pet Businesses are, we do try to make things easier for you.


To help with quality content for your new TV Channel, we'll organize a TV Interview with you, to be used on your TV Channel(s), website and social media.


This will help get things started for you and likely become one of your favorite promotional assets.

[Dental example shown above as we don't publish actual Pet Business client videos without permission].

What We Deliver For You

  • Interview Fulfillment

    We'll conduct a 3 - 5 minute Video Interview with you, following our proprietary HIPTA formula and scripting for maximum impact.

  • Made For TV
    Your interview will be hosted by a professional spokesmodel (news anchor) in a Pet Business-customized TV studio, in prime time news style.

  • Post Interview Production
    We'll edit and process your interview to convert it into a TV Program format, ready to be uploaded and broadcast on your dedicated TV Channel.

  • National TV Interview Experience
    To support you, we are drawing on over 17 years in national public television production. This included hundreds of expert TV interviews for which each CEO paid $20K, and were anchored by national identities like Morley Safer and John Stossle.

What You Receive

  • Expert Authority Positioning
    A TV Interview will help position you as a Market Leader immediately eg see Dental video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tD16XRTu46I.

  • "As Seen On TV" Status
    We'll also convert your TV interview into several other formats that can be used on other channels, like your website and social media accounts - and other people's channels.

  • More Powerful Client Acquisition
    Video is now a must-have, not nice-to-have. When converted to TV, this has the potential to be one of the most powerful client acquisition strategies you can have.

  • Hands Off Fulfillment

    We'll do all the technical heavy lifting (eg SEO settings for the video and social media syndication to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc). This will help get your message out to even more people who can benefit the most from your services.

Bonus #3

TV Expert Authority Interview​ 

$ 3,000

Platinum Profit Booster Bonus #4

Ultimate Authority Publishing Package

Imagine getting your TV Interview, website, staff or client profile on three of the most well-respected, globally-recognized and high-traffic business news websites in the world, overnight.


These are household name brands attracting over 250 MILLION visitors every month between them, giving instant "Visible Expert" status to anyone who gets published on them (this is just one element we have for you…).

[For more information, see this short term 50% off promotion we ran for the "Big 3" for 4 days in 2018]

What We Deliver For You

  • Premium Press Release Campaign

    We'll create and publish a premium press release to hundreds of high authority Newspaper, TV and Radio News Websites, including Google News and hundreds of affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX News.

  • The "Big 3" Included

    We’ll include the "Big 3" Authority News Sites - Reuters, Yahoo! Finance and Nasdaq - with a combined monthly audience of over 250,000,000 visitors that your press release will also tap into overnight.

  • Topic Suggestions
    Our expert team will suggest the most suitable topics eg the official Launch of your new TV Channel and/or Announcement of your TV Interview above.

  • Expert Profiles Book Chapter

    We’ll complete a second full interview with you, edit it and submit it as a chapter in the next available Expert Profiles book, published monthly.

  • Best Seller Campaign

    We’ll run a Best Seller Campaign on your Expert Profiles book above and endeavor to help it join the Amazon Best Seller ranks.

  • Small Business Trendsetters Article

    We'll publish a spotlight article about you and your business (and where possible, a photo essay) in this online publication and then promote it with additional news releases at our expense.

  • Business Innovators Magazine and Radio Network

    We’ll also be occasionally interviewing our Pet Business clients and publishing them on both the Business Innovators Magazine and Business Innovators Radio Network.

  • Feature Article in Our New PetBiz Profits Magazine

    In a few months, we'll be publishing our updated version of the PetBiz Profits Marketing Magazine For Pet Businesses on both the Apple iOS App Store and the Google Play Android platform. We first published this Pet Business-focused magazine as a founder member of MagCast back in 2012 (see right for first edition cover). This time around, we'll be looking to feature your Pet Business in a suitable edition soon.

  • "Award Igniter" Promotion (usually $3K)

    Where we discover that you have a recent award or community recognition of some kind, we'll speak with you about running key elements of our proprietary "Award Igniter" publicity campaign - at no extra cost.

  • Signed "Authority Mindset" Bestseller

    We'll forward a personally signed and posted copy of our CEO’s Amazon #1 Best Seller "The Authority Mindset: Proven Principles For Positioning Yourself As An Expert In Any Industry".

What You Receive

  • Extreme Authority Positioning
    For this element, we might let the pictures tell the story below...

Bonus #4

Ultimate Authority Publishing Package


Platinum Profit Booster Bonus #5

Additional TV "Super Ad"

Get in front of more Clients and Patients with a compelling video ad that "converts". 


We've researched over 1,000,000 data points from thousands of the highest converting Video Ads to clearly determine the best practice design formats needed to convert new clients.


You'll be able to use this new video ad on your TV Channel, website, social media and advertising platforms.

We've created a Pet Business Super Ad mockup at https://www.petbizprofits.net/SuperVideoAdMockup

What We Deliver For You

  • Access To Our Professional Video Production Team
    We'll create a 30 - 60 second TV ad, using our proprietary 6 step ADCASH “Super Ad” creation formula.

  • We Won't Cut Corners

    You'll receive Premium Graphics, Story Board Production Process, Call To Action with your phone number, Professional Editing, Quality Music, Post to your Website, Competitor Offer Research in Niche, Your Logo and Branding, Initial Production Setup and Technical Sign-off Meetings.

  • Platinum Inclusions
    We'll include additional customizations of the optimized Script and a Professional Spokesperson Voiceover, with all associated Royalties included.

What You Receive

  • Benefit From Secret ADCASH Formula
    Most ads are ineffective. However, we've studied the data to pinpoint the highest converting factors and have built them into our "Super Ad" format for you.

  • Video Ad Can Also Be Used on Your TV Channel

    We'll give you a Video Ad that not only brings you more engaged clients and new business, using our exclusive "secret sauce" designs, but it can also be used on your TV Channel.

  • Hands Off Fulfillment

    We'll do all the technical heavy lifting (eg SEO settings for the video and social media syndication to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc). This will help get your message out to even more people who can benefit the most from your services.

Bonus #5

Additional TV "Super Ad"

$ 2,000

Platinum Profit Booster Bonus #6

Proprietary "Brandsite" (Website) Funnel, Hosting and Traffic Package

Congratulations! You're about to become one of the first Pet Businesses in the US to access our proprietary new “Brandsite” platform technology.


We've just launched this significant step forward in online marketing technology publicly in late Jan 2019 after 3 years of rigorous testing and fine-tuning.


This new "Brandsite" approach holds the potential to render most current websites obsolete, or at least a distant second in effectiveness and usefulness.

What We Deliver For You

  • Marketing Audit and Strategy

    As a foundation, we'll conduct a comprehensive Marketing Audit and produce detailed Strategy Recommendations for your current website and promotions (value: $3,000).

  • New Lead Magnet Funnel Technology
    To maximize conversions of any leads from your new TV Channel(s) and other traffic methods, we’ll build a fully tailored Lead Magnet Funnel to capture as many new new prospects for your business as possible.

    • Written 10+ Page Lead Magnet Report for your unique business and branding
    • Professionally designed and edited
    • Online Landing Page and Thank You Page
    • Tailored Five Step Email Follow Up Sequence
  • New Brandsite (Website) Funnel Technology

    We'll also build a customized Brandsite (Website) Funnel to convert those prospects into clients and patients. This includes proprietary Split Testing technology for every element on each website page, to maximize conversions on each lead and boost profits over time.

    • Powerfully tells your unique Brand Story
    • Proprietary 21x “Story Block” Formula
    • Graphic Design and Royalties
    • 6+ Calls to Action
    • Lead Notifications
    • Confirmation Emails
  • Initial "Pump Primer" Traffic Package

    To "prime the pump", we'll include our Syndication Traffic Package using our integrated Enterprise-level proprietary Online Traffic Platform. This includes up to 5,000 Retargeting Impressions or Local Views, so that more people see and remember your business and each website visit is maximized. We’ll set up retargeting, buy spots to run your video ad and manage your traffic campaign for a minimum of 30 days.

What You Receive

  • Hands Off Fulfillment

    We'll do all the technical heavy lifting (eg Reliable Hosting, SSL Certificates, Virus Protection, Daily Backups, Detailed Analytics and Reporting, etc). 

Bonus #6

"Brandsite" (Website) Funnel, Hosting and Traffic Package 


Platinum Profit Booster Bonus #7

Five Star Reputation Package

One of our primary goals is to support and help boost your online authority and reputation as your city's "Visible Expert" in Pet Care.


Given the need for more quality video content that we can convert into TV Programs to populate your new TV Channel, we'll create another professional video to market your 5 star reviews and reputation.

[Auto example shown above as we don't publish actual Pet Business client videos without permission].

What We Deliver For You

  • Reputation Video

    We’ll create another professional video focusing on your 5 star reviews and reputation. This can be used on your TV Channels, website and/or advertising platforms.

  • Quality Production

    We'll include a Professional Spokesmodel, Premium Graphics and Animations, Call To Action with your phone number, Professional Editing, Quality Music, Post to your Website, Competitor Offer Research in Niche, Your Logo and Branding, Initial Production Setup and Technical Sign-off Meetings.

  • Reputation Scan

    With this proprietary resource, we will conduct and deliver to you a personalized reputation and Google My Business scan for your business.

  • Reputation Marketing

    We’ll help you with consolidating, marketing and maintaining your 5 Star Reputation and #1 market leader position in your area. Our primary partner actually owns the trademark on “Reputation Marketing”.

What You Receive

  • Strong Social Proof
    A quality Reputation Video will help support your position as a Market Leader eg see Auto video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xX_3lVdAgCo.

  • Your Reputation Score

    You’ll receive a detailed, video-supported Reputation Score and Sentiment Analysis, with your business graded for Overall Visibility, Reputation, Video Visibility and Negative Reviews.

  • Reputation Recommendations

    You'll understand exactly what needs to be done, if anything, to maximize your online reputation and "Visible Expert" status.

  • Hands Off Fulfillment

    We'll do all the technical heavy lifting (eg SEO settings for the video and social media syndication to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc). This will help get your message out to even more people who can benefit the most from your services.

Bonus #7

Five Star Reputation Package

$ 3,000

Platinum Profit Booster Bonus #8

Pet Business Inner Circle Membership (usually $197 pm)

One of our favorite ways of supporting Pet Businesses is via our Pet Business Inner Circle membership.


In this secure area, we introduce Pet Business Owners to rarely available premium quality resources and exclusive marketing insights.


We have enterprise-level partners (eg several billion dollar companies) in many valuable areas and thrive on bringing corporate Fortune 500 standard marketing down well into the reach of local businesses.


Just a few examples follow...

What We Deliver For You

  • Trillion Dollar Free Advertising (Value: $$$$)

    If eligible, we'll set you up at no cost so you can start receiving advertising from Microsoft, Virgin, Bank of America, Yelp, Southwest Airlines, Yellow Pages, Wells Fargo and 1,500 similar publishers.

  • Prestige Magazine Ad (Value: $$$)

    In a few weeks, we'll send you a Personal Invitation to our secret partner’s exclusive publishing platform. You'll instantly be able to browse dozens of prestige magazine titles eg Forbes, Entrepreneur, Time, Fortune, Money and Town & Country. You’ll be able to order prestige magazine ads at local prices as easily as you can browse and order books on Amazon.

  • Three (3) Months of Social Media Content (Value: $1K)
    We have a separate Social Media Content Management Service just for Pet Business Inner Circle members. We'll create and publish 3 months of quality content for your social media profiles (value: $397 pm or $1K per qtr).

  • How to Get a New "Social Billboard"

    No-one else has recognized this until now. Your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn header/cover areas take up to 50% or more of the visible digital "real estate". Hence, they are actually digital Social Billboards for you and your Pet Business. This is a brand new Marketing Category and we can give you a free social billboard (value: $500) for your business.

  • Unique, Guaranteed Local Marketing Services

    We offer Facebook Ad packages from one of the largest FB Ad agencies in the world, uniquely with incredibly low ad spends (eg $195 pm) and guaranteed Reach and Frequency. We offer SEO services from one of the largest SEO agencies in the world, uniquely with a Performance Ranking Guarantee.

  • Regular Inner Circle Insights and Resources
    We post regular articles, insights and resources to support your Pet Business eg Using Advertorials in Your Marketing. As another example, we'll soon be writing a piece on How to Create a Media Kit, which will be handy when people ask about your TV Channel!

What You Receive

  • Be Able to Market Like a Corporate, Without the Budget
    We endeavor to be champions for local business by both introducing and employing enterprise-level resources on your behalf.

Bonus #8

Inner Circle Membership (usually $197 pm)

$ 5,000



We'll include a full description in the next few days.

Bonus #9

Pet Business Facebook Messenger Chat Bot and Messages

$ 8,000



We'll include a full description in the next few days.

Bonus #10

Pet Business Appointment Reminder System

$ 2,000

Platinum Profit Booster Bonus #11

Platinum Support Package

We'll support you via our professional, purpose-built Help Desk for this Pet Business TV Channel Exclusive offer and the Platinum Profit Booster Bonus Package - for the first 10 cities - and all their elements above.


As noted, we'll also include complimentary and immediate access to a special Pet Business Inner Circle membership area (value: $197 pm).


We’ll manage your Priority Client Fulfillment via this Inner Circle membership area, while also revealing Inner Circle marketing secrets for those in the Bonus Package above.


As we bring on more TV Channel clients, we have plans in place to significantly increase our support staff numbers.

Bonus #11

Platinum Support Package


Platinum Profit Booster
Bonus Package (at no extra cost for first 10 cities)


Lock In Your City's Exclusive Pet Business TV Channel Now...

Pet Business TV Channel
        - Exclusive -

For Only One Pet Business Type in Each US City or Town 


In conjunction with our media arm, Live Stream Media, PetBiz Profits will work with:

  • Only one Vet Practice / Animal Hospital


  • One Pet Store in each location.

Full Platinum Profit Booster Bonus Packages

are still available!

When you click on the button above, you'll be taken to a secure checkout page. You'll be able to pay an initial deposit of $9,999 to secure your city-exclusive TV Channel, subject to the balance of $4,999 being payable within 21 days. 


If you would prefer to speak with us first,

please book an appointment at https://www.petbizprofits.net/appointments​

Your Questions Answered



We cannot guarantee that the full $60,000 $70,000 Platinum Profit Booster Bonus Package will remain available indefinitely nor that all its components as listed above will remain complimentary bonus inclusions. Many of these elements are exclusive, highly valuable and costly for us to maintain and support, so the mix may vary without notice for new clients in the future. At this time, all elements can be locked in for the first 10 Pet Business TV Channel Exclusive clients signing up now, as we are seeking to build out a larger TV Channel client portfolio, for additional reviews and testimonials, plus making possible more city-based TV Channels.


If you are interested in locking in your city's TV Channel asap - either as a Vet Practice / Animal Hospital or Pet Store - especially before another Pet Business in your area does so, please click on the big blue button above.


You'll be asked to make an initial deposit of $9,999 to lock in your city-exclusive TV Channel for your business and allow us to begin work immediately on your project. Continuation of work and completion of your TV Channel and associated Platinum Profit Booster Bonus Package components is subject to the balance of $4,999 being paid within 21 days.


If you have any questions, you can lodge a ticket via our PetBiz Profits Help Desk at https://www.petbizprofits.net/HelpDesk. Alternatively, you can book a 20 minute appointment with our CEO, Brian Richards, by going to: https://www.petbizprofits.net/appointments 


Given the extensive work involved in supporting our existing clients, we can only open up a small number of personal appointments with Brian each week. We'd like to preserve these for genuinely interested and suitably qualified business owners who would just like some additional questions answered before proceeding. Hence, we ask you to only book a time if you are legitimately interested in securing the TV Channel for your city.


Each TV Channel and its content will be vetted and is subject to approval by the Roku and Amazon Fire TV Networks. Before that though, we hope you can see that we really try to support our clients to the fullest extent possible and with the highest levels of professionalism. We invest heavily in each of our clients to help forge a long term relationship built on trust and mutual respect.


Given the high level of local and national exposure we'll be generating for our TV Channel clients, after satisfying the TV Network vetting standards, we ask that applicants clearly reflect a solid business with a sound reputation, especially in their local communities. 

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